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Free NHS Wi-Fi is available at the following sites:

  • Birmingham Chest Clinic
  • Castle Vale Dialysis Unit
  • Good Hope Hospital
  • Heartlands Hospital
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
  • Runcorn Road Dialysis Unit
  • Solihull Hospital

Follow the below steps to get connected to NHS Wi-Fi:

  1. Navigate to "Settings" on your device and select either "Wi-Fi" or "Connectivity"
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi
  3. Select "NHS Wi-Fi"
  4. After a few moments an alert will pop up saying "Sign into Wi-Fi network NHS Wi-Fi". Click the alert and you will be taken to a sign in page
  5. Once the page has loaded, read the terms and conditions and click "Connect". Your device should remember this network and automatically log you on when on-site

As with any free Wi-Fi service, NHS Wi-Fi will struggle to support mass live streaming of content.

Hospital staff cannot assist if a device does not connect to NHS Wi-Fi. Staff are there to care for patients and do not provide technical support.

Last reviewed: 01 November 2021