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Common conditions treated

Breast lumps

Most breast lumps are not cancerous but represent changes within the breast tissue. As your breasts develop, changes occur. These changes are influenced by normal growth and hormonal changes.

Suspicion of breast cancer

Many suspect lumps found in the breast are often benign (non-cancerous). Suspicion of breast cancer can only be confirmed after careful examinations and after a number of tests have been undertaken.

Nipple discharge and lesions of nipple

There are many causes of nipple discharge. Unless there is blood in the discharge, the discharge is likely to be a benign breast change.

Breast pain

Breast pain can be due to a variety of innocent causes. The most common are puberty and pregnancy. However, most women develop breast pain at some stage in life.

Family history of breast cancer

Women with a family history of breast cancer are at slightly increased risk. The importance varies according to the number of affected relatives, their age when they were diagnosed, and how closely related they are to you.

Most women with one or two affected relatives will never develop breast cancer. You will be offered frequent mammograms if your consultant thinks you are at any risk.

Last reviewed: 22 August 2023