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Heart and Lung Transplant Unit

The Heart and Lung Transplant Unit is based at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB).

Your consultant may have referred you to the service for a heart or lung transplant assessment due to a progressive heart or lung condition. The following pages aim to help you prepare for your assessment with video guides that explain the process and investigations you can expect during your three night hospital stay.

After speaking to transplant staff during your inpatient assessment and in clinic for your initial stage assessment you will be admitted as an inpatient. Admission is scheduled for Monday mornings (or Tuesday if the Monday is a bank holiday).

During your stay you will undergo prearranged investigations in preparation of your case being discussed at the transplant assessment multi-disciplinary team meeting on Thursday mornings. Within the meeting a decision will be made on your suitability to go on the heart or lung transplant waiting list. The meeting outcome will be discussed with you in person before you are sent home on Thursday.

Please be aware that we may be unable to provide you with a conclusion if your assessment has highlighted the need for further tests. If there is significant concern regarding your condition, your consultant may recommend you remain in hospital for treatment.

If you have any questions ahead of your assessment, please see the contact page.