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LVAD guidance

Switching from the mains power unit (MPU) to batteries

Please follow the steps below to change the the MPU to batteries:

  • Inspect battery clip connectors for dirt or damage
  • Ensure both heartmate lithium ion batteries are fully charged by pressing the battery button
  • Align the red arrow or the battery clip with the red arrow on the battery
  • Insert battery into the clip until a click is heard
  • Proceed to unscrew the connector from the power cables and pull apart cables
  • Insert power cable from system controller into battery
  • Ensure pins are lined up, push forcefully and screw the connector until in a locked position
  • Only change one power cable at a time to ensure the system controller is still receiving power
  • Once the power cables are connected there should be no alarm from the system controller and the 'pump running' should be the only symbol illuminated

Self checks

Please perform the following checks every day:

  • Ensure thedriveline exit site dressing is in position and has had no:
    • Strike through
    • Ooze
    • Bleeding
  • Inspect thedriveline exit site and surrounding skin for signs of:
    • Infection
    • Including redness
    • Tenderness
    • Swelling
    • Discharge
  • Make sure the driveline is anchored with a secure hollister dressing
  • Ensure the modular in-line connector is secure and the connector locking nut is in the locked position
  • Ensure no yellow indicator is seen under the locking nut
  • Inspect thedriveline cable for signs of damage, such as:
    • Cracking
    • Fraying
    • Wear
    • Exposed wires
    • Sharp bends
    • Kinks
  • Ensure the driveline safety lock is in the locked position. The driveline should be positioned correctly and secure within the system controller driveline connector. The red button should not be visible
  • Daily readings from the system controller should be noted. If there are any discrepancies, please call the LVAD coordinator

Self tests

To perform a self test on the backup system controller, press and hold the battery button for five seconds. All symbols and indicators on the user interface will illuminate at the same time and a loud, steady, alarm tone can be heard.

Last reviewed: 24 May 2023