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Silence alarm symbol/button

Active alarms will be silenced after pressing the silence alarm button.

The last six system controller alarms will also appear on the screen.

Cable disconnect symbol

The yellow light near the black or white power cable connector will be visible when the black or white power cable is loose or disconnects from the system controller.

If a red light illuminates on both black and white power cables this means that no power is being received via the power cables.

The red light near the driveline connector comes on when the driveline is loose or disconnects from the system controller.

Status symbols

Pump running symbol

The green pump running light stays on as long as the pump is connected to a power source and remains operating.

Battery power gauge symbol

The battery power gauge shows the approximate charge status of the power source that is connected to the system controller’s power cables.

Red low battery symbol

The red low battery symbol will be activated when there is when less than five minutes of power remaining for the two in-use HeartMate batteries.

The alarm only applies when connected to two lithium ion batteries.

Red heart alarm symbol

The red heart symbol is activated for a serious condition and is a hazard alarm.

A red heart condition could harm or kill you if it is not fixed.

When the red heart symbol illuminates, call for help and follow the on-screen instructions.

Yellow wrench alarm symbol

The yellow wrench symbol will be visible when the system controller detects a mechanical, electrical, or software issue with the system.

Last reviewed: 24 May 2023