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Our team

When attending the cardiology department, there's a chance you'll come across a number of members of staff.

  • Administrators, who book patient appointments and deal with many queries
  • Support workers, who carry out diagnostic electrocardiograms and ambulatory monitor fitting
  • Associate cardiac practitioners, who carry out analysis of ambulatory monitors and assist with exercise testing and home monitoring device patients
  • Cardiac physiologists and healthcare scientist professionals qualified to graduate level who work predominantly with adult patients and who carry out the majority of investigations and procedures in the outpatients department. Cardiac physiologists work alongside other medical staff to carry out invasive procedures in the cardiac cath labs.
  • Students, departments are actively involved in the training of student cardiac physiologists; therefore, a student may perform or observe your test under supervision (your consent for this will be obtained prior to the start of any test).

Last reviewed: 26 July 2023