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The Midlands Amyloidosis Service

Queen Elizabeth Hospital has been at the forefront of treatment and research in amyloidosis for over 20 years. The Midlands Amyloidosis Service officially launched in August 2019 in response to an increasing awareness of this disease, the availability of new treatments and the recognition that outcomes of heart transplantation in amyloidosis are similar to patients undergoing transplantation for other causes.

Referrals are received from the Midlands area as well as from Wales and Ireland. The service consists of a large multidisciplinary team led by consultants in Cardiology, Haematology, Renal, Neurology and Genetics.

Cardiology: Dr. William Moody, Dr. Rick Steeds, Dr. Alex Zaphiriou

Cardiac transplant: Dr. Sern Lim, Dr. Colin Chue

Genetics: Dr. Helen Cox 

Haematology: Professor Guy Pratt

Nephrology: Dr. Jennifer Pinney

Neurology: Dr. Venkataramanan Srinivisan

The consultants at the University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) NHS Foundation Trust follow all patients regularly and maintain close contact with other physicians involved in their management to ensure that they receive the most effective treatments available.

The team has forged close links with the National Amyloidosis Centre in London (Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust). UHB clinicians are involved in discussing patients at regular video multidisciplinary meetings, which helps facilitate access to cutting edge treatments and in many cases avoids unnecessary travel for patients.

Last reviewed: 11 July 2023