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Dementia care at UHB

Dementia care is a very important part of the work that we do at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB). We have developed documentation and resources which can help patients or carers of people with dementia when they come into hospital. 

The dementia documentation and resources include:

All About Me

The 'All About Me' document is very useful for helping the ward staff to understand what the person with dementia is usually like and what we can do to help if they become upset. By completing an 'All About Me' document, this will enable us to provide person centred, individualised care, which is tailored to the needs of the particular patient with dementia.

Please ask ward staff for an 'All About Me' document which you can complete and return to staff. We encourage wards to keep the document in the end of bed notes so it can be referred to by all members of staff.

Communication box

Communication boxes are available on all wards/departments and are to be used in an emergency situation. The box will enable a patient to communicate effectively with staff until a relative can bring in any items they need (e.g. hearing aid, spectacles, etc.).

This communication box contains:  

  • Magnifying glass
  • Hearing amplifier
  • Spectacle repair kits
  • Note paper and pen
  • Pictorial communications book
  • Alphabets

Conversation cards

All wards are supplied with a conversation cards box containing approximately 40 cards with iconic pictures on the front and questions about the picture on the back. The conversation cards can be used to start a conversation with a patient, especially if they are being nursed one-to-one.

Hearing aid pink storage boxes

If your relative wears a hearing aid and you are worried that it might get lost, please ask staff to provide you with a pink storage box so the hearing aid can be kept safely throughout their stay. 

The hearing aid pink storage box is for your relative to keep and should be sent with them if they are transferred to another ward or area.

Reminiscence Interactive Therapy Activities (RITA)

RITA is an all in one touch screen computer that allows patients who have dementia or cognitive impairment to:

  • Watch movie clips or old TV programs
  • Play interactive games
  • Run reminiscence sessions or triggers to promote conversations
  • Monitor the persons mood and wellbeing
  • Helps carers and family members communicate more effectively with the patient
  • Offers armchair or group exercises to help with overall health and wellbeing
  • Creation of life story books which can be used to engage the person, especially during enhanced care
  • Listen to a variety of different genres of music
  • Watch regional media content for twelve UK regions
  • Promotes person centred interaction, as the profile for the patient and information regarding their favourite activities can be saved to the computer and accessed when needed

There are currently 15 RITA units located across various wards. To access one of the units, please get in touch with the Dementia Team by visiting the contact page.

Last reviewed: 26 April 2023