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How to find the Dermatology department

Good Hope Hospital

Dermatology clinics are located in the main outpatient area of the Treatment Centre.

Paediatric clinics are held in the paediatric outpatients area.

Heartlands Hospital

Only paediatric dermatology clinics take place at Heartlands Hospital. Clinics are located in paediatric outpatients.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

The main clinical area is based in Outpatients, Area 4. This is where the phototherapy and dermatology theatres are also situated.

Research clinics are held at the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility.

Lymphoma and vulva clinics take place at the Centre for Rare Diseases in the Heritage Building.

Solihull Hospital

Dermatology theatres and clinics are located on the first floor, opposite the Education Centre.

Paediatric clinics take place on the ground floor.

Last reviewed: 19 April 2022