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Phototherapy survey

We are always looking to improve the Dermatology service we provide to patients. To do this, the Phototherapy Unit would like your feedback on how:

  • long you had to wait for your appointment
  • convenient the appointment was for you
  • well informed and involved you felt before, during and after your treatment
  • well you felt we looked after you during your treatment

If you have attended the Phototherapy Unit, please complete our survey:

1. How likely are you to recommend our Phototherapy Unit to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?*
2. Were you contacted by the Phototherapy Unit within one month of being seen by a dermatologist?*
3. How long did you have to wait to receive a phototherapy appointment?*
4. Did you feel that the time you had to wait to receive a phototherapy appointment was reasonable?*
5. Was your appointment(s) at a time that was convenient for you?*
6. How easy did you find it to change/cancel appointments?*
7. Did you feel fully informed about your phototherapy treatment before starting it?*
8. Were you given a phototherapy information leaflet before starting treatment?*
9. If you received an information leaflet, did you find it helpful?*
10. Were you made aware of the educational phototherapy video before starting your treatment?*
11. How easy was the video to understand and did the areas covered make sense?
12. How did you find the length of the video?
13. Is there anything we could do to improve the educational video?
14. Did you have confidence in the nurses giving your treatment?*
15. Did you feel fully informed about the side effects of phototherapy before starting treatment?*
16. If you had important questions to ask, did you feel that you got answers that you could understand?*
17. How long did you have to wait for your appointment?*
18. If your appointments were delayed, were you kept informed?*
19. During your treatment, if you needed to see a doctor, were you able to see one?*
20. Overall, do you feel that you have been treated with dignity and respect whilst being examined or treated?*
21. Overall, have you been given enough privacy when being examined or treated?*
22. Overall, how would you rate the care you received in the Phototherapy Unit?*

About you

23. What is your gender?*
24. What is your age group?*
25. To which of these ethnic groups would you say you belong to?*

Privacy statement

Submitting this form will send an email to the relevant team. As email communication is not guaranteed to be secure, any personal information is sent at your own risk.

We will only use the details of this form to handle your query, including responding to you using the contact details supplied where required.

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