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Teledermatology service exclusions

If any of the following apply to you, please contact the relevant team to rebook your appointment at a face-to-face clinic:

  • Your lesion is open and needs a dressing by a health professional
  • Your lesion is on your genitals
  • Your lesion(s) cannot be clearly seen and photographed
  • You have more than two lesions referred by your GP
  • You require support with mobilising independently or using the toilet

If your appointment request was made following a conversation with your GP receptionist, and you were not referred by your GP following an appointment with them, please contact the primary care service to cancel your appointment and you will then need to book an appointment with your GP.

On the day of the clinic, the clinical photographer will identify any lesion which should be excluded from DERM analysis. This will not affect your treatment as your lesion will still be assessed by a Dermatologist.

Last reviewed: 08 December 2023