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The patient journey

Here is an example of the typical patient journey while under our care at UHB.

  • The GP will make a referral to UHB for initial assessment investigations
  • The couple will then be seen by a fertility CNS/doctor for an initial appointment
  • The couple will undergo individual investigations and testing
  • A follow-up is then conducted by a the nurse or doctor to inform the patient of their results
  • Additional treatment will be under the NHS or a referral will be made for private medical care

The inability to conceive can be a stressful, frustrating time in your life.

It is an emotional rollercoaster, therefore it is important to seek the support you need during this time.

There are different types of support available online.

If you require any immediate support, please get in touch via telephone and speak to one of our fertility nurses.

Last reviewed: 06 March 2024