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Eat, Drink, Dress, Move

The Eat, Drink, Dress, Move initiative is a therapy-led, enabling approach to care, that supports patients to actively participate in their recovery.

Patients are encouraged to:

  • eat well
  • keep hydrated
  • get dressed in day clothing and footwear
  • get up and about and be as independent, self-caring and active as possible

The Eat, Drink, Dress, Move approach relies on the involvement of the whole ward team. It is fully supported by nursing leaders and is promoted across all University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) sites.

The benefits have been clearly demonstrated via our research and audits, and include:

  • Maintaining physical functional skills, enabling patients to mobilise and carry out activities of daily living with as much independence as possible
  • Reducing complications associated with poor nutrition, dehydration and immobility
  • Reducing the incidence of hospital-acquired pneumonia (a 50% reduction in our study)
  • Supporting more patients to be discharged to their own home instead of rehabilitation or placement beds
  • Reducing the length of stay and cost of care
  • Reducing care and rehabilitation needs on discharge

Eat, Drink, Dress, Move animation

The Therapies team launched an animation to promote the successful Eat, Drink, Dress, Move initiative. Watch the short animation to find out more about Eat, Drink, Dress, Move.

Last reviewed: 19 January 2023