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Immunology clinics

What happens in the Immunology Clinic?

On your first visit you will be weighed and measured by the clinic nurse. You will then be seen by one of the Immunology doctors, who will take full details of your symptoms and other medical problems. We will need to understand all about previous infections, antibiotics and vaccinations. People often write down this information and their questions, to help the consultation. Please bring along a list of all the medicines that you take.  We often can’t access much information from other hospitals or even your GP, so please bring along any letters or other documents you have relating to your medical care.

The doctor may do a general physical examination (for example listening to your lungs, or testing your tummy). The doctor will always ask your permission to examine you, and explain what they are going to do. You can have someone with you during the examination. If you don’t have a companion at the appointment, you can ask the doctor to call a clinic nurse into the room to be with you.

You can ask the doctors and nurses any questions you have about your symptoms and any other concerns you might have. Writing these questions down before you come to the hospital might help you.

Finally, the doctor may want to do some blood tests, and sometimes we ask for samples of urine or sputum for testing. We may give you a vaccine to test your immune system. This will all be explained and discussed before it happens. You always have a choice to accept or decline any procedures in the clinic.

Last reviewed: 19 May 2023