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Checklist for your appointment

It's very important to attend all your appointments with your consultant and the care team, to ensure your condition is being managed in the best way.

You should receive a letter or text message telling you when your next appointment is due. If you feel you should have received this but have not, or if you can no longer attend an appointment, please contact your consultant’s secretary. (Contact details are available on your appointment letter.)

When you go for your appointment remember to:

  • put your eye drops in as normal on the day of clinic
  • make a note of any problems you are having that you think may be related to your treatment, and bring these notes with you to your appointment
  • take all your eye drop bottles to the clinic
  • take any new medicine you have started with you to the clinic

It may also help to have someone with you, in case your care team needs to dilate your pupils.

If you have seen your optometrist/optician since your last clinic visit and have a report, you should take a copy of this to clinic.

Watch our glaucoma video playlist

You may be interested in our YouTube playlist, where you can watch our experts talk about a range of issues affecting glaucoma patients and introduce the service here at UHB.

Last reviewed: 21 April 2022