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Research, consultancy and training

Members of staff within the Radiation Physics and Protection Service (RRPPS) are actively involved in research projects, ranging from small pieces of work with local students to supervising and partaking in PhDs at the University of Birmingham.

Various lecture courses are arranged and run by RRPPS, including:

  • a radiation protection supervisor course for x-ray
  • a radiation protection supervisor course for radionuclides
  • a laser/intense pulse light equipment safety management course
  • an MRI safety course

Members of RRPPS also lecture on other courses to a wide range of students, including:

  • FRCR
  • Nursing staff
  • Radiographers

The importance of good training for staff is taken very seriously by RRPPS, with Medical Physicist trainees (Scientist Training Programme) and Clinical Technologist trainees (Practitioner Training Programme) frequently placed within the department.

If you would like RRPPS to run a bespoke course at your site, or if you wish to discuss consultancy issues, please contact us.

Radiation Protection Supervisor course (diagnostic X-ray)

This one day course is targeted at newly appointed radiation protection supervisors involved with diagnostic x-ray equipment, but is also designed to be a worthwhile refresher for those experienced in the role of Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS). RRPPS suggest a refresher course should be attended every 5 years or after significant changes in legislation. It aims to provide participants with information covering the relevant core competencies described by the Health & Safety Executive in their information sheet "Radiation Protection Supervisors".

The course normally runs annually. Please contact us for details of the most recent/impending course together with a registration form.

Radiation Protection Supervisor course (radionuclides)

The course is suitable for those about to be appointed as a Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS), or as a refresher to those more established in the role and who work with sealed and/or unsealed radionuclides in the following areas:

  • Nuclear Medicine and PET imaging (CT will now be included due to the prevalence of hybrid imaging)
  • Unsealed source therapy (131l, 177Lu)
  • Theatres (99mTc Sentinel lymph node procedures, 99mTc-MAA work-up/90Y-SIRT treatment)
  • Radiotherapy (192lr-HDR, 125l-Seeds, 106Ru-eye plaques)
  • Laboratories

This main focus of the course will be to cover the necessary knowledge required for an RPS under regulation 17(4) of the Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 and builds on the guidance in the approved code of practice. This is given in more detail in the HSE information sheet “Radiation protection Supervisors”. In addition, other legislation relevant for users of radionuclides will be covered.

The course normally runs every alternate year. Please contact us for details of the most recent/impending course together with a registration form.

Laser safety training courses

The Radiation Physics and Protection Service (RRPPS) at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) delivers a range of laser safety training courses. These are designed to be suitable for all professionals involved with the use of laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) equipment, such as medical, nursing, scientific, technical, physiotherapy, ophthalmic, dental and operating theatre staff. The course is ideal for laser protection supervisors or those training to undertake this role, as well as registered users and authorised assistants.

The aim is to provide participants with an understanding of the legal and operational safety requirements concerning laser and IPL equipment, focusing on medical and cosmetic applications. The course covers the Core of Knowledge set out in the MRHA Device Bulletin 2015.

The course normally runs annually.  Please contact us for details of the most recent/impending course together with a registration form.

MRI safety training courses

The RRPPS MRI team can also offer safety training courses for each of the four categories of staff as defined in the MHRA guidelines.

The duration of the presentations varies between the different categories of staff and the training sessions can be tailored depending on the audience.  Different areas of MR safety will be covered in the presentations, including key areas such as:

  • the main hazards of MRI
  • description of the new designated MRI areas
  • guidance on screening staff, patients and carers
  • management of equipment within the MR department
  • scanning patients with implanted devices

These presentations are ideal for helping MRI departments to ensure that all staff associated with MRI are adequately trained in accordance with MHRA safety guidelines.  They are suitable as initial training for new staff or as a refresher for existing staff.

If you would like to discuss MRI safety training and/or to arrange a course at your site please contact the MRI team at the address below or via email.

Contact us

63 Melchett Road
Kings Norton Business Centre
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Last reviewed: 19 June 2024