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X-ray equipment performance surveys

The Radiation Physics and Protection Service (RRPPS) can provide equipment performance surveys for a wide range of X-ray equipment, including:

  • general radiography units (including digital)
  • mobile X-ray units, both radiographic and fluoroscopic
  • fluoroscopy units (including digital fluorography)
  • bone mineral densitometry units
  • mammography units (including digital)
  • computed tomography
  • dental X-ray units:
    • Intra-oral
    • OPG
    • Cephalometry
    • Cone Beam CT
  • Veterinary X-ray units

The test methods used are based on current guidelines, where available, including level B tests from:

  • IPEM Report 91, "Recommended Standards for the Routine Performance Testing of Diagnostic X-ray Imaging Systems"
  • IPEM Report 89, "The Commissioning and Routine Testing of Mammographic X-ray Systems" and
  • NHSBSP Equipment Report 0604 (v3), "Commissioning and Routine Testing of Full Field Digital Mammography Systems".

All the protocols used are documented in the RRPPS Quality System and periodically reviewed. 

The services provided include critical examinations, commissioning and routine performance testing. Further services include advising on specifications for equipment, radiographer QA and protection issues such as room design and measurement of protection offered for new builds.

Last reviewed: 14 August 2023