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Side effects of treatment

Treatment is painless but can cause side effects which will be explained when consenting for treatment. Patients will be given an information leaflet, specific to the area being treated when seen by a consultant in clinic and consenting to treatment. The leaflet will explain about treatment and any expected side effects for the area being treated.

Expected side effects will also be explained by a radiographer at the planning visit and reiterated on the first day of treatment. Any member of the treatment team can be approached with questions about side-effects.

The most common side effects often occur during the course of radiotherapy treatment, and may continue for a few weeks after treatment has finished. Side effects which occur six months or longer after treatment has finished are called late side effects.

Treatment Review Radiographers and Specialist Radiographer appointments

When radiotherapy is given over a number of weeks, you will have extra appointments booked alongside your treatment appointments.  These appointments may be with a doctor, specialist radiographer, or one of our specially trained on-treatment review radiographers. These sessions are to answer any questions about treatment, and to discuss and assess any side effects caused by your radiotherapy treatment.

Treatment review and specialist therapy radiographers have undertaken additional training in side effects monitoring and can provide help and support in managing them. Additionally, they are trained to advise and prescribe medications and can help with any additional support patients may need.

Treatment review radiographers offer information and support on skin care and treatment side effects.

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