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Date: 14 June 2021

Time: 15:19

Simulation training

Simulation training

What is Simulation Training

Simulation training uses a simulated task or environment to improve technical and non-technical skills, focus on patient safety and optimised team performance. Often divided into low, medium and high fidelity simulation according to the degree of immersion the learner experiences whilst taking part in a clinical task or scenario. 

Why do we do it

Here at University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) we are able to offer all levels of simulation training from low fidelity task trainers to state of the art full immersion high fidelity simulation training with computerised patients able to speak, breathe and respond to treatment.

This provides our multidisciplinary teams with the training that is required for us to provide the very best in educational delivery and patient safety that is at the core of our values.
We provide this at an undergraduate level for the healthcare professionals of the future and at a postgraduate level to further develop clinical skills and optimise our team working to provide the best possible safety and results for our patients.

What do we use it for

UHB uses simulation across a wide variety of healthcare situations and teams.  It offers us the opportunity to provide regular practice for common situations and rare events, new technologies and pioneering therapies.

We support multidisciplinary team training with a strong emphasis on both clinical development and human factors awareness to ensure we provide the best possible care for patients. This state of the art training is now widely recognised as one of the best ways to ensure our staff are able to provide the very best health care.

For information on our courses and affiliations please see the links below.


If you would like to find out more about simulation training opportunities at the Trust please email the Simulation team.




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