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Job evaluation

The job evaluation process at UHB is as follows:

Step one

All new or changed posts must be submitted to the appropriate division/directorate for internal approval.

Step two

The agreed job description, person specification, organisation chart and sign off sheet should be sent to the Job Evaluation team.


For reevaluations, the original job description and person specification highlighting the changes should be submitted along with a job evaluation form.

Step three

The job will be evaluated by the job evaluation panel that consists of three people, one of which will be a union representative.

Step four


The HR Governance team will email the outcome from the panel evaluation to the line manager who must then issue the member of staff with a variation of contract letter.


The occupied post will be reevaluated. The line manager will confirm the panel outcome to the member of staff in writing and will provide a copy of job evaluation panel scores.

The member of staff has the right to appeal within 14 calendar days of receipt of the notification of the outcome.

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