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Limb Reconstruction

The limb reconstruction service deals with complex injuries such as:

  • open fractures (where the bones puncture the skin)
  • multi-fragmentary fractures (where the bones are broken into many pieces)
  • fractures close to joints like the knee or ankle

In addition to these acute injuries, we also manage the complications that can result from them, such as:

  • infection
  • non-union (when the bones fail to knit together)
  • mal-union (where the bones heal, but not in the right position)

Many of these complications can result in the loss of bone substance, and we also specialise in re-growing lost bone.

Our service is a multi disciplinary one, which means that many different disciplines (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists) and specialities (branches of medicine) are involved. Some of the different specialties involved include:

  • Orthopaedics (bones and joints)
  • Plastic surgery (skin, muscle and soft tissues)
  • Microbiology and infectious disease specialists (infection and antibiotics)
  • Radiologists (X-rays and scans)
  • Orthogeriatrics (care of elderly patients with broken bones)

The reason that so many people are involved is because these are complex conditions requiring advice and help from all the different specialties described above.

We know that the outcomes for our patients are better if we all work together to get the best result for each person.

Last reviewed: 02 March 2023