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Preparing for your appointment at the Epilepsy Unit

Undiagnosed or new onset fits or blackouts

If you have undiagnosed or new onset fits or blackouts, it is important that someone who has witnessed your seizures comes with you to your clinic appointment. If this is not possible, please try and obtain a documented account from a witness or provide their contact details. Video footage of your seizure may also be useful.

In addition, please bring a list of your medications and be ready to tell us your medical history, starting from your early childhood.

Diagnosed as having epilepsy

If you have been diagnosed as having epilepsy, please bring the following to your clinic appointment:

  • a list of medications
  • an account of your seizures
  • the dates on which you had them

If this is your first appointment with the Birmingham Complex Epilepsy and Surgery Service, please bring information on all the previous treatments and investigations you have had or how we can obtain this at a later date.

Waiting to be seen by us

While you are waiting to be seen by us, do not drive if you are having blackouts. This is a legal requirement.

Also, consider your own safety and avoid putting yourself at risk.

Last reviewed: 14 June 2022