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Kind, Connected and Bold Awards

It’s time to shine a light on your amazing colleagues and nominate them for our new Kind, Connected and Bold Awards.

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Kind, Connected and Bold Awards

Since 2020, our annual Building Healthier Lives Awards have been delivered virtually, due to COVID-19.

We are excited to bring you our new programme, which will move from annual awards, to monthly divisional awards, recognising more staff, volunteers and charity supporters than ever before. We have also replaced our previous awards with just three categories, centred on our new values of kind, connected and bold.

The awards are kindly supported by UHB Charity.

May award winners

See which members of staff from across the Trust won a Kind, Connected and Bold Award in May.

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How it works

There are two ways to nominate a member of staff, a volunteer or a charity supporter for an award.

Option 1

Complete the online nomination form to submit your nomination.

Option 2

Email a short video (no longer than two minutes) of yourself making your nomination.

Anyone can nominate a member of staff or a team, charity supporter or volunteer working anywhere within the Trust.

Nominations for each division will be sent to nominated divisional leads once a month for them to select the winners. There will be at least one winner per division each month. Everyone who receives a nomination will receive an email. The winners will also receive a small gift, which will be delivered by a member of the divisional management team.

The nomination window will be open between the 1st and the 12th of each month. Any nominations received in the second half of the month will be included in the following month’s awards.

Top tip

Nominations are judged on quality rather than quantity, so please provide as much detail as possible about why the team or individual has made a difference and deserves recognition.

The values

Our three award categories are based on our three new values. Do you know a staff member, volunteer or charity supporter who has been kind, connected or bold in how they've gone above and beyond to help us build healthier lives? Click or tap a value to find out more.


The kindness that people show each other every day.

  • Has a colleague gone out of their way to show you kindness?
  • Does a colleague recognise great work and make you feel appreciated?
  • Is someone amazing at taking care of you or your team?
  • Does someone show incredible kindness to our patients, making their care stand out?


The connections we build with everyone around us.

  • Does a colleague or team develop amazing working relationships with others?
  • Is someone brilliant at connecting with their patients to understand and meet their needs?
  • Does a colleague excel at listening and seeking out perspectives to improve how we work together?
  • Is someone brilliant at building connections with the communities that we serve?


The ability to be bold in how we think, speak and act.

  • Do you work with a colleague or team that takes a bold approach to improving care for their patients?
  • Is someone brilliant at having a positive approach to change and tackling difficult situations?
  • Has a colleague gone above and beyond for patients or colleagues?
  • Do you know someone who invests boldly in their team?

You don't need to select a value to nominate someone for. Just tell us about an amazing colleague or team and we'll do the rest.

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Need to know more?

If you have any questions about the awards, please get in touch.