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Kind, Connected and Bold Award winners

June award winners

We are delighted to announce that across the Trust, 28 individuals and teams won a Kind, Connected and Bold award in June.

Congratulations to all of our winners:

Good Hope Hospital

Carling Moseley, Staff Nurse, Emergency Medicine

For going above and beyond for patients and brightening up the department on challenging days. Carling is incredibly supportive towards his colleagues and shows compassion and empathy throughout each shift. He is hardworking and always has a positive attitude.

Dr Marwa Jama, Junior Specialist Doctor, Emergency Medicine

Nominated by a colleague, who said: “We had a very poorly patient in the resuscitation area. Dr Jama was very kind to the patient and the patient’s husband. She spent a very long time explaining what was happening and what was going to happen. She allowed him time to ask questions and repeated information when needed. She didn't hurry him, and I just wanted to acknowledge that I felt she had done a really good job at taking additional care of the relative as well as the patient.”

Haematology/Oncology Day Unit

For going above and beyond to help patients. The team show exceptional kindness and dedication by staying late to complete treatments, taking the time to talk to patients who are going through a difficult and distressing time, and phoning patients to make sure they’re ok after work hours. The team is compassionate, resilient, and empathetic towards their patients and colleagues.

Abigail Steventon, Nursing Associate, and Connie Bradley-Lowbridge, Nursing Associate, Healthcare of Older People

Nominated by a patient’s relative, who said: “My father was unable to attend his son’s wedding due to being admitted. Both Abby and Connie set up a live stream, coordinating with myself, to ensure he could be present at the wedding from his bed. This was incredibly thoughtful and went above and beyond their job description. It meant a lot to our family that dad could be a part of this celebration at a stressful time. We cannot express enough gratitude to these nurses for allowing this to happen.”

Heartlands Hospital

Ann Collins, Administrator Coordinator, Respiratory Medicine

For supporting colleagues and working extra hours to ensure the service is managed and patients are communicated with. Ann is caring, considerate and always willing to help colleagues and patients. She is an excellent leader and works extremely well with others. She is very organised, troubleshoots problems and communicates well with patients going through difficult circumstances.

Dr Emma Thompson, Specialty Registrar, Acute Medicine and Short Stay

Nominated by a colleague, who said: “Emma was the Medical Registrar on a night shift which was particularly busy with sick patients. I requested a senior medical review and Emma attended to review the patient. Emma showed compassion, professionalism and was the most caring medical registrar I have ever worked with. The patient sadly passed away and Emma stayed on the ward to comfort not only the relative, but also the nursing staff on the ward. Emma went above and beyond. Well done Emma - do not ever change who you are.”

Emily Jenns, Senior Sister, Emergency Medicine

Nominated by a colleague, who said: “As a newly qualified and neurodiverse nurse, Emily has always treated me with dignity and respect. Emily is my line manager, and she always checks in with me to ask how I am and validates my concerns and ideas. Emily has been instrumental to my progression as a safe and effective practitioner, by providing advice, support, and most of all her friendship. She is aware of me being autistic and is always clear and direct with me to enable me to follow instruction without confusion. Seeing Emily in action allows me to model my behaviour to hers, and to embody the professional standards she displays with both confidence and kindness.”

Nigel French, Porter, Facilities

For being kind and caring towards patients and  colleagues. Nigel is always cheerful, approachable, and hardworking. Nigel goes above and beyond and nothing is ever too much.

Dr Vincent Ng, Doctor, Vascular Surgery

For being an extremely kind and compassionate doctor. Dr Ng takes time to listen to his patients’ worries and concerns, whilst also reassuring their relatives about the care they are receiving. Dr Ng is hardworking, and reviews concerns with incredible detail, leaving no questions unanswered. He goes out of his way to follow up and ensures an outcome has been achieved.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The Heart Transplant Team

Nominated by a patient’s relative, who said: “The Heart Transplant Team at QEHB really deserves its reputation as one of the best in the country. The knowledge, experience, kindness, care and compassion are second to none. We have witnessed the team going above and beyond time and time again, using every possible creative way of tackling the many issues and obstacles that pop up along the difficult transplant journey. Despite the huge and ever-growing caseload, the team continue to support with patience and positivity. We can't think of a better team to look after us.”

Claire Sullano, Registered Nurse, Dermatology

Nominated by a colleague, who said “I did the dressings for a patient with dementia in theatre who said she would forget not to remove them. When she came for her dressing appointment, she unfortunately had taken the dressings off. When Claire redid them, with consent from the daughter and patient, she wrote 'do not remove' on her dressings and the patient attended one week later with the dressings intact. Claire really personalised the care to this patient and considered her needs.”

Jenny Molyneux, Front Desk Receptionist, Emergency Medicine

Nominated by a patient, who said: “Upon being discharged from A&E following a leg injury triage that required me to have crutches and prescription medication, I was advised to travel around to the discharge pharmacy to pick up my prescription of painkillers. Jenny was calm, patient and advocated for me when my prescription did not come through to the pharmacy. She was able to sort the issue out and checked that the pharmacy had received the prescription, even though this was outside of her direct role. Her help saved me additional pain and distress.”

Chris Denny, Skin Surgery Bookings Coordinator, Dermatology, Teresa Prosser, Medical Secretary, Ear, Nose and Throat, and Michelle Duggins, Capacity Manager, Ambulatory Care

For going above and beyond to treat a patient that needed urgent care across two separate specialities. Chris, Teresa and Michelle worked well together to make sure that the patient who needed urgent surgery over two separate days, could get to the hospital on their appointment days and have somewhere to stay between the procedures. With just a few days to arrange everything, they ensured the procedures and pre-operative assessments were all arranged, and the patient was kept informed.

Kenny Smith, Housekeeping Operative, Facilities

For making sure that the Harborne Hospital wards are well looked after and developing a good relationship with the team. When a leak occurred on unoccupied ward, Kenny was proactive in escalating the problem, ensuring that damage was prevented. Kenny cleaned up the leak efficiently and his quick thinking prevented disturbance to patients and provided his colleagues a safe working environment.

William Garratt, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Neurology

For continually going above and beyond to support our brain cancer patients. Will worked with the hospital charity and the Giles’ Trust to grant the wishes of three palliative brain cancer patients, which allowed them to create memories with family, enjoy experiences otherwise unreachable, and to meet their heroes. Will worked to make the wishes happen in his own time, and the contacts he has made along with the Giles’ Trust mean that the hospital will be able to support and surprise other patients in the future. Will received positive feedback from the patients and their relatives for his efforts.

Outpatients Reception Team

The team worked incredibly hard and pulled together to maintain patient flow when the calling system failed for a considerable amount of time. The team went above and beyond to ensure that was minimal disruption to the running of the clinics, by supporting nursing colleagues with calling and directing patients to sub-waits. The team continuously supports with the smooth running and patient flow of the outpatients department.

Jennifer Hancox, Palliative Care Registrar, Palliative Care

Nominated by a colleague, who said: “Dr Hancox organised the 2024 Civility event that was attended by around 200 colleagues across the Trust. Dr Hancox has fulfilled the prestigious role of chief registrar at QEHB with dedication, enthusiasm, and ingenuity. The complexity of organising a whole-day event for the Trust should not be underestimated. Dr Hancox demonstrated remarkable determination and commitment to bring this event to fruition and she chaired it with passion and infectious positivity.”

Emily Round, Team Leader, Theatres

For being hard working, dedicated and going above and beyond for both patients and colleagues. Emily is kind, compassionate and supports her colleagues. Emily has excellent work ethic and an enormous amount of knowledge and experience. She is a leader who is conscious of the emotional needs of her team and her positive attitude lifts the spirit of her team, even in difficult times.

Solihull Hospital

Noreen Kauser, Nurse, Pre-Operative Assessment Unit

For ensuring the smooth running of the department. Noreen treats everyone with kindness and goes above and beyond for patients and her colleagues. Noreen is caring and is proactive in providing a resolution when she notices people struggling. She has trained and nurtured a new starter and does so for many new starters on her team.

Therapies Intermediate Care (IMC) Team

Nominated by a student who completed a placement with the team. The student said: “It is a great learning environment for students at Swallows Meadow as there are lots of opportunities to work closely with occupational therapists, therapist support workers, social workers, and the wider multi-disciplinary team. This is really helpful for students to get a good understanding of everyone’s different roles. The team is great at giving feedback, guiding you to improve your practice and pushing you to be independent. This placement really helped my clinical reasoning skills, and I would recommend it to others.”


Dr Alice Llambias-Maw and the Umbrella Clinic, Sexual Health, Solihull Community Services

Nominated by a patient, who said: “I have recently had a coil fitted at the Boots City Centre Umbrella Clinic. I had a copper coil fitted two years ago at another clinic and found the experience quite cold (unfriendly) and the insertion extremely painful. I I went to my appointment very nervous, but Dr Alice put me at ease straight away. She sat me down and thoroughly explained the procedure. The procedure was painful but manageable thanks to Dr Alice. The aftercare was lovely; the nurses came over, gave me tissues, and comforted me. I didn’t walk out thinking ‘I could never go through that again’. This time I walked out thinking ‘that it was difficult, but I could do it again’, which is all down to kindness and expertise of the staff.”

Complex Discharge Hubs, Good Hope Hospital

For embracing a new way of working following a change to the service. The team has pulled together and supported each other during a challenging process, which has been crucial to the implementation of the new Supported Transfer of Care (STOC).


Andrea Fernyhough and Team, Cancer Services, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Nominated by a colleague, who said: “Andrea and her team treat 80-135 cancer patients daily, extending their shifts past the closing time if needed. They run a Peripherally Inserted Central (PICC) line service for immediate treatment of newly diagnosed patients and a Saturday blood transfusion service for those unable to attend during the week. Post-pandemic, they’ve worked to reduce procedure times, improving patient wait times. The team participates in fundraising events and Andrea ensures their well-being is supported amidst the emotional stress of managing cancer patients.”

Christine Beasley, Logistics Officer, Finance, Solihull Hospital

For being instrumental in the ordering of new trays and equipment for the new Elective Hub Theatre building at Solihull Hospital. Christine has gone above and beyond so that orders are placed on time and chased through the system whilst remaining incredibly cheerful, helpful, and calm despite enormous pressure and deadlines.

Craig Watts, Senior IT Project Manager, IT Services, Regent Court/Yardley Court

For working tirelessly on several digital transformation projects for the benefit of our patients. Craig takes great pride in supporting services to implement new projects to improve patient care, communication, and Trust contractual requirements. Craig consistently goes above and beyond to complete tasks. His excellent relationships with colleagues across departments inspire confidence that he’ll deliver high-quality work with unwavering commitment and kindness.

Jodie Devrell, Complaints Officer, Patient Experience, Heartlands Hospital

Nominated by a colleague, who said: “Jodie is a very kind person. We had a complaint from someone who had received some devastating news that she had terminal cancer and had recently had a baby. Jodie provided support initially with her complaint but then this became general support for the patient, who felt like she was not always able to talk to her family or friends. Jodie didn’t judge how the patient felt and was there for her when she was angry, crying, needed a laugh, or to talk about her day. The patient wrote Jodie a card that said: “Thank you so much for your support with what has been a very emotional and hard thing for me to cope with. Our random phone conversations have helped too! Sending lots of love and thank yous!”

Women’s and Children’s

Pauline Scialdone,  Clinical Nurse Specialist, Dermatology, Heartlands Hospital

For being an amazing nurse. Pauline always comes into work with a smile on her face and nothing is too much trouble for her patients and colleagues. Even when she has a full clinic, if a patient needs seeing urgently, she always accommodates them, even if it means working late.

Gavin Groutage, Lead Theatre Practitioner, Obstetrics, Heartlands Hospital

For being an exemplary leader and inspiring role model. Gavin has exceptional leadership skills and provides outstanding support and guidance to colleagues within obstetrics theatres. He consistently offers invaluable assistance, clear direction, and unwavering encouragement, which has enhanced the team’s working environment.

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Last reviewed: 19 July 2024