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Kind, Connected and Bold Award winners

January award winners

We are delighted to announce that across the Trust, 26 individuals and teams won a Kind, Connected and Bold award in January.

Congratulations to all of our winners, who are as follows:

Good Hope Hospital

Peter Poxon, Porter, Facilities

For the kindness that Peter shows towards colleagues and patients and for always keeping everyone smiling. Nominated by colleagues, who said: “Peter always helps patients that are suffering with alcohol abuse. He goes above and beyond to signpost patients to the correct services.” Another colleague said: “Peter shows great care and interest in every patient, and will engage with patients, staff and relatives without a second thought. He has a very warm and friendly nature to him and always remains professional and hardworking.”

Theatres Team, Theatres

For the team’s efforts in consistently accommodating late running theatre lists, ensuring that patients’ procedures go ahead on the day they were booked and don’t have to be cancelled. The team always put patients first and they embody the Trust value of kindness.

Victoria Flower, Healthcare Assistant, Healthcare for Older People

For being hardworking, dedicated and compassionate towards colleagues and patients. Victoria has a calming presence and promotes positivity within her team. She is a role model to new members of staff and offers them support, and a friendly face they can confide in. Victoria wins her ward’s ‘100% attendance award’ every year and is always willing to go above and beyond to help anybody. She is a truly amazing carer who gives her all every day.

Louise Baldwin, Sister, Emergency Medicine

Nominated by a colleague, who said: “Louise has received some lovely feedback from West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) with regards to the help and support she always shows towards the paramedic staff working in our cohort area. The team have fed back to WMAS that Louise is always professional, kind and very supportive and they would like it recognised formally, to pass on their thanks. Working as a team is a key factor in such a highly pressurised environment and Louise is instrumental in doing exactly this.”

Heartlands Hospital

Aimee England, Flow Coordinator, Emergency Medicine

For Aimee’s hardworking nature. Aimee does a fantastic job at moving patients safely in and out of our Emergency Department and works hard to maintain patient flow. She goes above and beyond to make sure patients are safe and comfortable whilst in hospital and is excellent at her job.

Glaxo Haemodialysis Unit and Ward 3, Renal Medicine

Nominated by a colleague, who said: “I would like to nominate the team on the Glaxo Haemodialysis Unit for a Kind, Connected & Bold award as a result of the action they took following a fire in the unit this week. They did an amazing job to quickly and safely evacuate the unit that was full of patients dialysing at the time. This award is also for the renal technician teams both at Heartlands and the QE, who have gone above and beyond to get the unit back up and running as quickly as they have. Special mention also to Ward 3 for the support they have given to ensure that patients continued to receive dialysis treatment whilst Glaxo was out of action. A brilliant job. Well done and thank you.”

Tracey Barton, Matron, Trauma and Orthopaedics

For the support Tracey provides her colleagues and for being a visible and approachable leader. Tracey goes above and beyond for her colleagues and guides them through complex challenges. She motivates and encourages her team to achieve their goals and gain further knowledge, and is an excellent team player.

Dr Gautam Bagchi, Locum Consultant Medicine, Healthcare for Older People

For consistently demonstrating exceptional qualities, delivering the best in care to patients, and for the support and guidance Dr Bagchi provides to juniors. Dr Bagchi goes above and beyond to ensure that patients receive comprehensive care, addressing not only their immediate concerns, but also their long-term wellbeing. His leadership and mentorship have proven invaluable to the growth and success of his juniors; he consistently motivates his colleagues, encouraging them to reach their full potential and instilling in them a sense of confidence and responsibility. In summary, he is truly an asset to the department.

Toni Osborne, Dietitian, Nutrition and Dietetics Team, Therapy Services

For Toni’s knowledge, patient care, passion, dedication and efficiency. Toni regularly receives amazing feedback from patients who say that her input influences their lifestyle, makes them feel safe and reduces their anxiety. Toni carefully listens to patients’ worries and concerns about how their allergies can impact their lifestyle and wellbeing, and provides excellent patient education.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Critical Care Area B Team, Critical Care and Outreach

Nominated by a colleague, who said: “For showing a great working relationship with one another, for the high level of respect that colleagues within the team show each other, and for making everyone feel very welcome. You feel like you belong to a family.”

Edna Lazarte, Sister, Interventional Radiology, Theatres

Nominated by a colleague, who said: “Edna is an experienced nurse, who has worked at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham since she started working in the UK. She is a great leader, motivator and a massive support to Interventional Radiology, Imaging and Theatres teams. She deserves to be recognised for all her hard work and dedication to her post and is a credit to the Trust and her profession. I am proud to work alongside her.”

Joanne Sheppard, Healthcare Assistant, Cardiac Surgery

Nominated by a patient, who said: “I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for Jo’s help with my extremely low blood glucose hypoglycaemia. She is very kind, professional, supportive, efficient and always there at the right time to help. She was organised, cheerful and professional throughout the whole process. Thanks a lot Jo, from the bottom of my heart, for saving my life and the lives of my family who depend on me.

Karrim Bosson, Healthcare Assistant, Haematology

Nominated by a patient, who said: “Karrim is brilliant. He always has time to help and is always kind and caring. Spending quite a bit of time in hospital myself, I have noticed that he does this for all patients, whilst also getting things done quickly and efficiently. It must be a difficult balance to get, but he does it extremely well. He also seems very well respected by the team; the fun he brings to the role really helps lighten the mood and makes the difficult days easier. Thank you for all of your help Karrim.”

Katie Veale, Healthcare Assistant, Emergency Medicine

For Katie’s efficiency and positive attitude towards work. Nominated by a colleague, who said: “Katie found a patient in a wheelchair struggling to propel himself on the corridor and kindly asked a student nurse to take the patient to the area he needed to go to. She presents herself as the patients’ advocate and makes them the focus of the whole process by ensuring that she has relayed information to the team, and that the team are aware of the patient and their needs.”

Melissa Cash, Liver Flow Coordinator, Liver Medicine

For going above and beyond every day. Melissa works in an intense environment, and her role is challenging in that it involves finding emergency beds on Ward 306 for patients from clinic and our emergency departments. Melissa’s teamworking skills are exemplary and she is not afraid to have difficult conversations for patients who are in desperate need of a bed on the ward. Her efforts are lifesaving for our patients.

Solihull Hospital

Ward 12, General Surgery

Nominated by a colleague, who said: “I would like to nominate Ward 12 for this award due to the good will and flexibility shown by the whole team during winter, and their willingness to go the extra mile. The Solihull Senior Management Team are so proud of how well the clinical teams delivered safe and quality care to the additional medical patients that were received at Solihull. The responsiveness and collaboration between the teams was first class and we cannot thank you all enough.”

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Team, Urgent Treatment Centre

For the team’s innovative approach to patient care. The team provide a nurse-led service that has been available to the public since June 2023, and do their very best to meet the needs of community members who register with minor injuries. There is a true sense of family within the team, and they all support each other, through celebrating successes and working hard to overcome any issues that arise.

Sue Sutton, Housekeeper, Facilities

Nominated by colleagues, who said: “Sue ensures that meals for patients are provided with care and love. She goes the extra mile by taking around the menu at mealtimes and asking patients what they would like to eat, taking into consideration their food preferences, allergies and dietary requirements. In addition to this, Sue makes sure all meals are prepared to a high standard and the presentation is outstanding; patients often compliment how good the food is whenever Sue is on shift. Sue thoroughly deserves this award for her recognition as an asset to Ward 20B as well as the Catering Team.”


Umbrella Sexual Health Advising Team, Whittall Street Clinic, Solihull Community Services

For the team’s commitment to the service and our patients. As a team, they work collaboratively and are very supportive of one another, They deliver excellence in all that they do, whether that’s patient care, or through service improvements.


Alice Tuite, Appointments Coordinator, ABC – Appointments, Heartlands Hospital

Nominated by a patient, who said: “Alice phoned my mom as she has been put on a two-week wait pathway. As you can imagine, this is a scary situation for us. My mom who is elderly, gets very scared regarding these kinds of things. Alice spoke to my mom with such kindness and made my mom feel at ease about the whole appointment process. I feel she really demonstrates the Trust values. My mom felt reassured and fully informed of what needed to happen. Thank you so much Alice. I hope there is an Alice in every department.”

Jennifer Felton, Practice Placement Support Sister, Education, Solihull Hospital and Solihull Community Services

Nominated by a colleague, who said: “Throughout my time as a student, Jenny was my rock. Being a student through a global pandemic wasn't easy and many times I felt like giving up. Jenny continued to support me and guide me in the right direction. Her door was always open, and I have shed many tears with her. The support she gives to students is amazing. Her kind and thoughtful ways is what makes her special. She deserves to be applauded. I would not have got through it without her.”

Michelle Lockett, Principal Clinical Informatician, Health Informatics, Yardley Court

For being an outstanding leader and providing excellent support to the Informatics Team. Michelle creates an environment within the team where colleagues can thrive and aim high. She is hard working and goes above and beyond to support, encourage and motivate her colleagues. Her leadership style is based on trust, and she gives colleagues the confidence to boost their own leadership skills, to become better mentors.

Sandra Bryant, Telecommunications Customer Service Representative, Switchboard, Heartlands Hospital

For being an extremely valued member of the team. Sandra has worked nights on the switchboard for nearly 55 years, and is always available to step in to support her team, even at short notice. She is a very kind person and is so patient with everyone that she speaks to on the phone, always endeavouring to help them.

Research and Development

Laura Thrasyvoulou, Paediatric Research Nurse,  Medical Innovation Development and Research Unit, Heartlands Hospital

Nominated by a colleague, who said: “Laura is an extremely hard working, knowledgeable, kind and approachable manager. No matter how busy she is, she always has time for me and the team. She is very supportive and is always advocating for our team and encouraging us to further our research portfolio.” 

Women’s and Children’s

Paediatric Immunology Team, Paediatrics, Heartlands Hospital

Nominated by a patient, who said: “The Paediatric Immunology Team at Heartlands Hospital, especially Dr. Scott Hackett and nurses Helen and Caroline, always go above and beyond to help my child who used to suffer from severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID). They are all very friendly and highly professional.”

Diabetes Specialist Midwives, Antenatal Clinic, Good Hope Hospital

Nominated by a colleague, who said: “The Diabetes in Pregnancy Team at Good Hope Hospital provide antenatal care to pregnant women with a pre-existing diagnosis of diabetes or a diagnosis made during pregnancy. As the number of diabetic women being cared for at the Trust has quadrupled over the last five years, Louisa, Amy and Charlotte have pulled together and worked tirelessly to ensure that excellent patient care can be provided to our women managing diabetes in pregnancy. The care and kindness shown to their patients is evident every day. I think that being recognised for their hard work and dedication would be a much-needed morale boost for their continued hard work. Thank you to you all.”

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Last reviewed: 13 February 2024