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Carer standards

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust's (UHB) Carer Support Service is delivered in line with the following standards:

Carers are identified at the earliest opportunity and we walk alongside them throughout their carer journey

The earliest opportunity may include:

  • Referral to a UHB service
  • Outpatient appointment
  • Pre-assessment clinic
  • Emergency Department attendance
  • Planned admission to hospital
  • Discharge planning

If you or the patient have not already been asked, please let us know of your caring responsibilities, even if you prefer not to be referred to as a carer. We recognise that your main relationship with the person you care for may be as a:

  • spouse
  • partner
  • parent
  • child
  • relative, or
  • friend

Whatever the circumstances, we welcome the opportunity to support you and provide information to help you in your caring role.

Carers’ rights, expertise and value as an equal partner in care are recognised

The Care Act protects carers' rights by law and at UHB we recognise these rights and deliver services in line with current legislation.

Carers, relatives and friends have a detailed knowledge of the patient and hold valuable information that can assist us in providing the best care possible to the patient. We welcome carers as a partner in care, so that you are involved (as much or as little as you prefer) in the care of the patient.

Staff will have a partner in care discussion with you to clearly outline what level of involvement you wish to have and what is safe and appropriate to care for the patient in the best possible way.

We also recognise that while the person you care for is in hospital this may be valuable respite time for you to rest, recharge or catch up on other important things.

Involve carers to empower them to make informed decisions and choices knowing that their voice is heard

We strive to listen to carers, to make sure we include you in discussions we are having about the person you care for and ask for your input about things that impact on you for example discharge planning.

We value your feedback about how we have looked after the person you care for, how we have supported you and met your needs. We act on feedback received and use it to evaluate our service, drive improvements where needed and celebrate when we get things right. 

Support carers by listening, understanding and supporting their individual needs

You will be provided with a carers pack containing basic information about how we can support you as a carer.

We are committed to delivering what we have set out in our Carers Charter:

On referral to the Carer Support Service, our carer support officers will listen to you, ask you about your needs as a carer and make a plan with you to ensure you have the information you need and feel well supported throughout your journey.

Where needed, we will refer you to other organisations that can provide tailored information, support and can undertake a statutory carers assessment of your needs.

We can provide practical support if you are assisting with care at the bedside including provision of a guest bed if staying overnight, access to suitable food and drinks as well as other support depending on your needs.

Last reviewed: 21 December 2023