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About rheumatology

Outpatient Clinics

Rheumatology clinics are based at the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB), in Area 1a of the outpatients department on Level 0. Patients with all types of rheumatic diseases are seen by specialists in this area. Blood tests (Phlebotomy), X-ray and scanning facilities are available within the area or a short walk away.

We are a teaching hospital and will often have medical students attending clinic.

The Rheumatology team have close links with many specialists in the hospital and more widely throughout the West Midlands, including the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. Therapy services including podiatry, appliances, physiotherapy and occupational therapy are all available at QEHB.

The department works closely with University of Birmingham and is jointly staffed by UHB and university staff. Patients taking part in research studies are seen in the Wellcome Clinical Research Facility adjacent to the old Queen Elizabeth Hospital or the IRF (Inflammatory Research Facility) on the first floor of the new QEHB.

Inpatient care and day admissions

Patients with serious forms of rheumatic disease may occasionally have to come into hospital. This is through the hospital emergency services if an inpatient stay is needed. Rheumatology staff are available throughout the week to provide support for patients who are admitted to hospital. 

Patients with rheumatic diseases who need to be admitted for intravenous treatment or special investigations as a day case are seen in the Treatment Suite, Heritage Building.

Last reviewed: 09 May 2024