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Date: 18 October 2021

Time: 03:25

Consultant directory

With so many consultants, all with special interests, we appreciate it can be difficult for GPs to make the right referral choice, and it can be confusing for patients.

This consultant directory is offered as an easy reference guide to the specific clinical services and interests of all the consultants working at or for University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

Browse by category results: cardiology

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4893
    • Extension: 14893
    • UHB
    Dr Joseph de Bono

    Dr Joseph de Bono, Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist

    Specializes in the management of abnormal heart rhythms. Qualified from Oxford University. Trained in Oxford before undertaking a senior fellowship in electrophysiology at the Heart Hospital, London. Interests in the management of atrial fibrillation.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4493
    • Extension: 14493
    • UHB
    Dr Sarah Bowater

    Dr Sarah Bowater, Consultant Cardiologist

    Graduated from London and completed specialist training in Birmingham. Specialises in adult congenital heart disease. Interests include heart failure, supportive care and heart disease in pregnancy and pulmonary hypertension in ACHD.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4448
    • Extension: 14448
    • UHB
    Dr William Bradlow

    Dr William Bradlow , Consultant Cardiologist (Imaging, Heart Muscle Disease)

    Undertook echocardiography in Auckland and cardiovascular magnetic resonance at the Royal Brompton Hospital before training in Oxford.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4731
    • Extension: 14731
    • UHB
    Dr Paul Clift

    Dr Paul Clift, Consultant Cardiologist, Adult Congenital Heart Disease

    Trained at Birmingham Children's Hospital and the Great Ormond Street and Heart Hospital in London. Is a specialist in adult congenital heart disease. Has carried out varied research into congenital heart disease.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4036
    • Extension: 14036
    • UHB
    Dr Purushottam Desai

    Dr Purushottam Desai, Consultant Cardiologist

    Graduated from Bombay University in 1986. Training in adult and paediatric cardiology at King Edward VII Hospital, Mumbai. Cardiology training in London and Midlands. Joined the Trust in 2009. Special interest in the field of heart failure.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4613
    • Extension: 14613
    • UHB
    Dr Sagar Doshi

    Dr Sagar Doshi, Consultant Cardiologist, Ischaemic Heart Disease, Coronary Angioplasty

    Obtained his first medical qualifications in Wales in 1990. Specialist clinical interest is in angioplasty. Research interests include stents, bifurcations and coronary angioplasty.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4474
    • Extension: 14474
    • UHB
    Dr Nicola Edwards

    Dr Nicola Edwards, Consultant Cardiologist

    Dr Edwards specialises in heart valve abnormalities as well as the use of heart imaging techniques of ultrasound (echocardiography) and MRI. Graduated from the University of Nottingham and trained in cardiology in the West Midlands and New Zealand.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4474
    • Extension: 14474
    • UHB
    Dr Sudhakar George

    Dr Sudhakar George, Consultant interventional cardiologist

    Graduated from the University of Cambridge. Gained an MD after a period of research in Brighton. Cardiology training in the West Midlands before a fellowship in percutaneous coronary intervention in Auckland, New Zealand.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4494
    • Extension: 14494
    • UHB
    Dr Lucy Hudsmith

    Dr Lucy Hudsmith, Consultant Cardiologist

    Special interests in congenital heart disease, obstetric cardiology and cardiac MRI.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4628
    • Extension: 14628
    • UHB
    Dr Paul Jordan

    Dr Paul Jordan, Consultant Cardiologist

    Biography pending.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4722
    • Extension: 14722
    • UHB
    Dr Sohail Q Khan

    Dr Sohail Q Khan, Consultant Cardiologist, Interventional Cardiology

    Qualified from University of Edinburgh. BHF Fellowship and MD from University of Leicester. Undertook cardiology training in Manchester and advanced training in Toronto, Canada. Interests in cardiac markers and angioplasty.

    • Secretary:
    • UHB
    Dr Dipak Kotecha

    Dr Dipak Kotecha, Honorary Consultant Cardiologist

    Works with the University of Birmingham and is a Fellow of both the National Institute for Health Research and the European Society of Cardiology. Main research focus is the treatment of patients with heart failure and atrial fibrillation.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4893
    • Extension: 14893
    • UHB
    Dr Mauro Lencioni

    Dr Mauro Lencioni, Consultant Cardiologist

    Undertook undergraduate degrees and early training in South Africa. Once in the UK trained in general medicine (MRCP) and then specialised in cardiology and specifically electrophysiology. Received an MD degree from the University of Warwick.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4621
    • Extension: 14621
    • UHB
    Professor Francisco Leyva

    Professor Francisco Leyva, Consultant Cardiologist

    He has a special interest in cardiac device therapy and heart failure as well as cardiovascular magnetic resonance. He has published extensively in heart failure, pacemakers, cardiac resynchronisation therapy and cardiovascular magnetic resonance.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4895
    • Extension: 14895
    • UHB
    Dr Sern Lim

    Dr Sern Lim, Consultant Cardiology/Heart Transplantation

    Special interests in heart failure and heart transplantation, pacemakers and defibrillators.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4630
    • Extension: 14630
    • UHB
    Professor Peter F Ludman

    Professor Peter F Ludman, Consultant Cardiologist

    He has previously worked as a consultant cardiologist at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital and as senior registrar at the Papworth Hospital, Cambridge. Since 2002, he has been audit officer for the British Cardiovascular Intervention Society.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4039
    • Extension: 14039
    • UHB
    Dr Howard J Marshall

    Dr Howard J Marshall, Consultant Cardiologist, Cardiac Rhythm Disorders

    First qualified in Leeds in 1988, he has since gained an MBChB, an MD and an MRCP. His clinical interests are in pacing and electrophysiology.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4399
    • Extension: 14399
    • UHB
    Dr Adnan Nadir

    Dr Adnan Nadir, Consultant in Inteventional Cardiology/Structural Heart Interventions

    Dr. Nadir is an expert in treating coronary heart and valve diseases. He had advanced training in coronary & structural heart interventions including TAVI & MitraClip in the USA before his consultant appointment in Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4615
    • Extension: 14615
    • UHB
    Professor Russell Smith

    Professor Russell Smith, Consultant Cardiologist

    A general cardiologist who works closely with the heart failure team. He concentrates on education & training. He's the West Midlands Postgraduate Dean, chairs the Cardiology SAC and is Vice President (Training) of The British Cardiovascular Society.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4035
    • Extension: 14035
    • UHB
    Dr Richard P Steeds

    Dr Richard P Steeds, Consultant Cardiologist, Valvular Heart Disease, Cardiac Imaging, Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiovascular MRI

    Clinical interest is diagnosis of heart problems through cardiac imaging, he has expertise in echocardiography (including Tissue Doppler, contrast and stress imaging), CMR imaging, nuclear cardiology and cardiac CT.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4623
    • Extension: 14623
    • UHB
    Professor John N Townend

    Professor John N Townend, Consultant Cardiologist, Interventional Cardiology and Heart Transplantation

    An interventional cardiologist undertaking coronary angioplasty procedures and participating in the primary angioplasty service. Runs a general cardiology outpatient clinic and the assessment service for the heart transplant programme.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 8841
    • Extension: 18841
    • UHB
    Dr Samuel White

    Dr Samuel White, Consultant Cardiologist

    Graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2004 and undertook Cardiology and General Internal Medicine training in the West Midlands. Appointed as a Consultant to the trust in 2016 with a specialist interest in heart failure.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4745
    • Extension: 14745
    • UHB
    Dr Alex Zaphiriou

    Dr Alex Zaphiriou, Consultant Cardiologist

    Dr Zaphiriou trained in the West Midlands and specialises in coronary intervention with an interest in complex interventions using adjuvant technology such as rotational and LASER atherectomy and left ventricular assist devices in high risk patients.

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