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Date: 18 October 2021

Time: 01:34

Consultant directory

With so many consultants, all with special interests, we appreciate it can be difficult for GPs to make the right referral choice, and it can be confusing for patients.

This consultant directory is offered as an easy reference guide to the specific clinical services and interests of all the consultants working at or for University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

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    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Lt. Col. Andrew Haldane

    Lt. Col. Andrew Haldane, Consultant Anaesthetist

    Graduated from University of London. Postgrad training in Birmingham and University of Michigan, USA. Interests: anaesthetic management of polytrauma patient.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Dalvina E Hanu-Cernat

    Dr Dalvina E Hanu-Cernat, Consultant Anaesthetist, Pain Management Specialist, Neuropathic Pain

    Trained in Anaesthesia in the UK and in Pain Medicine in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. FRCA, FFPMANZCA, FIPP, FFPMRCA. Professional interests in neuropathic pain, procedural interventions, neuromodulation, education and research protocols.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2767
    • Extension: 12767
    • UHB
    Dr Khalid Hasan

    Dr Khalid Hasan, Consultant Anaesthetist and Tutor

    Trained in Anaesthesia in the UK and in Pain Medicine in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. FRCA, FFPMANZCA, FIPP, FFPMRCA. Professional interests in neuropathic pain, procedural interventions, neuromodulation, education and research protocols.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Nigel Huggins

    Dr Nigel Huggins, Senior Consultant Neuroanaesthetist

    Dr Huggins was appointed as a consultant neuroanaesthetist to the QE Hospital in 1989. He has led on the technique of total intravenous anaesthesia for neurosurgery since the inception of the technique, publishing and presenting internationally.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5035
    • Extension: 15035
    • UHB
    Mr Michael T Hallissey

    Mr Michael T Hallissey, Consultant Surgeon, Upper GI, Breast and Complex Pelvic Oncology, Deputy Medical Director

    Graduated from the University of Birmingham in 1979. Professional areas of interest include upper GI (both benign and malignant) breast surgery and endoscopy.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4494
    • Extension: 14494
    • UHB
    Dr Lucy Hudsmith

    Dr Lucy Hudsmith, Consultant Cardiologist

    Special interests in congenital heart disease, obstetric cardiology and cardiac MRI.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 8844
    • Extension: 18844
    • UHB
    Mr Neil Howell

    Mr Neil Howell, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon

    Mr Howell undertook clinical and academic training in Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge and undertakes all aspect of adult cardiac surgical practice with specialist interest in surgery for ischemic and valvular heart disease and heart failure.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4404
    • Extension: 14404
    • UHB
    Prof Wasim Hanif

    Prof Wasim Hanif, Consultant Physician and Head of Diabetes Service

    MBBS, MD, FRCP. Interests: diabetic kidney disease, diabetes prevention, obesity, ethnicity and tackling health inequalities. Member of Diabetes APPG, NICE Health Tech Appraisal Committee, MHRA Expert Advisory Committee and Board of Gov Diabetes UK.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4807
    • Extension: 14807
    • UHB
    Mr Charlie Huins

    Mr Charlie Huins, Consultant ENT Surgeon

    Graduated from University College London with ENT training in London. Surgery fellowship training in Cambodia and at the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre. Clinical interests: chronic ear disease, balance, surgery for hearing and cochlear implantation.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2709
    • Extension: 12709
    • UHB
    Dr Clare Hughes

    Dr Clare Hughes, Consultant Geriatrician

    Graduated from the UoB in 2007. Completed post-graduate training in geriatric and internal medicine in the West Midlands. Speciality interests include peri-operative medicine/ surgical liaison and acute geriatric medicine.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6938
    • Extension: 16938
    • UHB
    Dr Zaki Hassan-Smith

    Dr Zaki Hassan-Smith, Consultant Endocrinologist/Physician

    Visiting Prof in Applied Biological and Exercise Science. Trained in London and Birmingham. MBBS, BMedSci(Hons), MRCP (UK) (Endocrinology & Diabetes), PhD. Clinical interests in Metabolic and Rare Bone Disease, Endocrinology, Thyroid and Internal Medicine

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6987
    • Extension: 16987
    • UHB
    Dr Tarekegn Hiwot

    Dr Tarekegn Hiwot, Consultant Endocrinologist, Consultant in Inherited Metabolic Disorders

    MD Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. MSC in Biochemistry and PhD in Molecular Immunology from Karliniska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. Metabolic physician with a special interest in inherited metabolic disorders.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2370
    • Extension: 12370
    • UHB
    Dr Benjamin Holloway

    Dr Benjamin Holloway, Consultant Radiologist

    He qualified from the University of Sheffield in 1993 and became a fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists in 2005. He introduced the cardiac CT service and further developed the cardiac MRI and interstitial lung disease imaging services.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2311
    • Extension: 12311
    • UHB
    Dr Jonathan D Hopkins

    Dr Jonathan D Hopkins, Consultant Interventional Radiologist, Intervention and Vascular Imaging

    Qualified from Nottingham in 1993. Basic surgical rotation in the West of Scotland. Trained in radiology in West Midlands. Appointed consultant in 2004. Interests include interventional radiology (with special interest in vascular intervention).

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4670
    • Extension: 14670
    • UHB
    Dr Geoffrey H Haydon

    Dr Geoffrey H Haydon, Consultant Hepatologist

    Qualified from Edinburgh University, he worked in the Scottish Liver Transplant Unit in Edinburgh from its inception in 1992. His specialist interests include chronic hepatitis B and C infection and various aspects of liver transplantation.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4675
    • Extension: 14675
    • UHB
    Dr Andrew Holt

    Dr Andrew Holt, Consultant Hepatologist

    Qualified in 1996 and was awarded his PhD in liver immunology in 2007. Acts as lead physician for liver donor transplantation. Major clinical interests are the management of viral hepatitis, transplantation hepatology and alcohol related disease.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6844
    • Extension: 16844
    • UHB
    Dr Tom Hayton

    Dr Tom Hayton, Consultant Neurologist

    MBChB from University of Edinburgh, PhD from UCL; trained in London and West Midlands;sub-speciality interest in traumatic brain injury.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6889
    • Extension: 16889
    • UHB
    Dr Ghaniah Hassan-Smith

    Dr Ghaniah Hassan-Smith, Consultant Neurologist

    Biography pending.

    • Secretary: 0121 678 6880
    • Extension: 86880
    • UHB
    Mr Spencer P Harland

    Mr Spencer P Harland, Consultant Spinal Neurosurgeon

    Trained in London, Cambridge and Phoenix, USA. Awarded the Norman Dott Medal for in the FRCS (SN) Intercollegiate Examination. Has introduced numerous spinal fixation techniques and has experience in management patients with spinal conditions.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 3615
    • Extension: 136150
    • UHB
    Dr Daniel Henderson

    Dr Daniel Henderson, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

    Trained at the Royal Marsden Hospital including research in advanced radiotherapy. Expertise in drug and radiation treatments for early and advanced breast and prostate cancer, including Cyberknife and heart sparing techniques.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 3598
    • Extension: 13598
    • UHB
    Dr Andrew G Hartley

    Dr Andrew G Hartley, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

    His main clinical interests are definitive chemoradiation of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck and neoadjuvant chemoradiation of rectal and pancreatic adneocarcinoma. His research is centred around radiobiological modelling.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5103
    • Extension: 15103
    • UHB
    Dr Dalvina E Hanu-Cernat

    Dr Dalvina E Hanu-Cernat, Consultant Anaesthetist, Pain Management, Neuropathic Pain

    Trained in Anaesthesia in the UK and in pain medicine in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. FRCA, FFPMANZCA, FIPP, FFPMRCA. Professional interests in neuropathic pain, procedural interventions, neuromodulation, education and research protocols.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5100
    • Extension: 15100
    • UHB
    Dr George R Harrison

    Dr George R Harrison, Consultant Anaesthetist, Pain Management Specialist

    Qualified in 1977 University College Hospital London, trained initially as an anaesthetist and practiced anaesthetics for over 30 years before giving it up to concentrate on pain management.  

    • Secretary: 0121 371 3326
    • Extension: 13341
    • UHB
    Dr Rahul K Hejmadi

    Dr Rahul K Hejmadi, Consultant Histopathologist

    Trained in India and in the West Midlands. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists and European Board of Pathology. His special interests are gastro-intestinal pathology, cytology and dermatopathology.

    • Secretary: 0121 414 4016
    • Extension: 44005
    • UHB
    Professor Stefan Hubscher

    Professor Stefan Hubscher, Consultant Histopathologist, Professor of Hepatic Pathology

    Graduating from Birmingham University in 1979 and has worked and trained there ever since. While his main clinical work has been in liver pathology, he also has strong interests in hepatic, biliary and pancreatic malignancy.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5838
    • Extension: 15838
    • UHB
    Professor Lorraine Harper

    Professor Lorraine Harper, Consultant Nephrologist

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5839
    • Extension: 15839
    • UHB
    Dr Peter Hewins

    Dr Peter Hewins, Consultant Nephrologist, Clinical Service Lead

    Qualified from the University of Birmingham in 1994. his main clinical and research interests are immune-mediated inflammatory renal disease, particularly systemic vasculitis, systemic lupus erythematosis and primary glomerular disease.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5854          
    • Extension: 15854
    • UHB
    Mr Ahmed Hamsho

    Mr Ahmed Hamsho, Consultant Renal Transplant and General Surgeon

    Qualified from medical school in 1986. Areas of interest are kidney transplantation and vascular access surgery.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4837
    • Extension: 14837
    • UHB
    Dr Syed Huq

    Dr Syed Huq, Consultant Respiratory Physician (Sleep and ventiliation)

    Trained in the Mersey rotation 2008-2012 and undertook a year's fellowship in sleep medicine & ventilation at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge. Interests include respiratory/non-respiratory sleep disorders, acute and domiciliary non-invasive ventilation.

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