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Organisational and workforce change

Circumstances often require managers to make changes to ensure that service needs continue to be met. This may be as a result of increased patient demand, reduced funding or simply because the service needs to be delivered in a more effective way.

Changes can range from a need to make minor adjustments such as changing reporting lines and small working pattern changes to significant structural changes, including the need to make staff redundant.

Whether the change is significant or minor, managers should refer to the Trust's organisational and workforce change policy to ensure that the correct process is followed.

Workforce Transformation

The Workforce Transformation team support the Trust with all change projects to ensure the Trust meets its legal requirements when making any type of change that affects staff.

The team will provide expert advice on all elements of organisational change including:

  • Service redesign and integration
  • Contractual changes
  • TUPE transfers
  • Design and implementation of workforce plans
  • Development of new roles
  • Partnership working with external organisation

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