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The Trust is committed to preserving security of employment for staff and preserving the knowledge, skills and experience of individuals.

On Tuesday 1 October 2019, the Trust implemented a new redeployment procedure.

The procedure aims to provide a fair, clear, consistent and timely approach to exploring alternative employment (i.e. redeployment) for any member of staff unable to continue in their substantive role due to:

  • Organisational change
  • Redeployment on ill health grounds
  • Performance issues
  • Recommendation following disciplinary action
  • Irretrievable breakdown of working relationships
  • Ending of a fixed term contract

Redeployment register

The Trust has agreed the following priority order for staff on the redeployment register:

  1. Staff being redeployed who are on maternity leave or who are being redeployed on health grounds covered by the Equality Act 2010
  2. Staff at risk of redundancy
  3. Staff on pay protection and all other reasons for redeployment

Job search period

When a member of staff is placed at risk, there will be a job search period up to a maximum period of eight weeks.

In particular circumstances timescales may be extended on a case by case basis and advice must be sought from HR.

Formal process

The formal redeployment process is set out in section five of the redeployment procedure which can be found on the Trust intranet.

It is recommended that all staff and managers familiarise themselves with the redeployment procedure.

Further information

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