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Performance improvement

The Trust aims to encourage a just and open culture of accountability where staff, managers and the Trust learn together from experience to improve behaviours, and practices.

When things do go wrong, a supportive approach in most circumstances will be appropriate to achieve changes to systems or how people behave at work.

Where there are performance concerns, they need to be dealt with appropriately and fairly to ensure that staff are supported to achieve and maintain job performance standards.

The purpose of the Trust's performance improvement procedure is to set out a fair and consistent approach to improving the performance of staff when the required performance standard or level of competence is not being achieved.

Effective managers will ensure that:

  • New staff receive appropriate induction training (corporate and local), supervision and mentoring
  • Job descriptions and person specifications are clear, up-to-date, and roles are defined
  • Staff are aware of the standard of work required
  • Workloads are manageable and resources available to complete objectives
  • Reviews of performance take place through regular contact
  • Agreed training that has been identified on a member of staff’s personal development plan takes place unless non-attendance had been agreed

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