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Controller change

In the event of a ‘pump off’ alarm it will be indicated as follows:

  • Pump running symbol will be off (black)
  • Heart symbol will light up red
  • Constant alarm
  • Display screen will state ‘Low Flow’ and ‘Contact Hospital’

Call the ambulance services for urgent medical review and the LVAD coordinator.

The LVAD coordinator may advise you to check power sources and ensure the driveline is connected and to press any button on the system controller to try to restart the pump.

If this fails, we may require you or a nominated person to change the system controller as outlined below:

  • Connect either the MPU or one battery to the spare system controller white lead
  • Slide the safety tab down on the back of the system controller which is in use to unlock it and expose the red button. This will also need to be done on your spare system controller.
  • Firmly press the red button under the safety lock, while pulling the driveline from the socket
  • Insert the driveline into the spare system controller
  • Align the arrow on the controller to the arrow on the driveline cable until they connect, and firmly insert the driveline until it snaps into place
  • The safety lock cannot move to the locked position unless the driveline is fully and properly inserted
  • Be sure to slide the safety tab back over the red button, locking the driveline in place
  • Tug gently on the metal portion of the driveline to ensure it is fully engaged. Silence the alarms on the old controller
  • Connect the black cable to a power supply (either the MPU or battery)

Last reviewed: 24 May 2023