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Driveline dressing

Required equipment

  • 1 Dressing pack
  • 1 Sterile scissors
  • 1 Chloraprep stick
  • 1 AMD antimicrobial fenestrated foam disc dressing
  • 2 Small adhesive dressings (8.5cm x 5cm pad)
  • 1 Driveline holster (if changing required)
  • 1 Piece of green oxygen tubing (5cm)

Steps to follow

  • Wash hands
  • Open dressing pack, scissors, dressings and chloraprep onto dressing trolley using aseptic non-touch technique
  • Loosen driveline holster
  • Remove driveline dressing and dispose of in clinical waste bag
  • Wash hands
  • Put on sterile gloves
  • If infected, cleanthedriveline site is required with sodium chloride:
    • Gauze swabs will be in the dressing pack
    • Soak half of the swabs in normasol and leave the other half for drying the area
    • Clean the driveline site using aseptic technique (using your non-dominant hand on the sterile field to pass to your dominant hand, then proceed to wipe the driveline site once then dispose of the item in the provided clinical waste bag provided)
  • Usingchlorprep, for the surrounding area:
    • Crack chloraprep and initially apply as close to the driveline site without touching any open wounds then gradually work it away to outside the border of the new dressing
    • Dispose of it in the clinical waste bag provided
    • Allow a minutes drying time before applying dressings
  • Prepare the dressings as follows:
    • Apply the AMD disc dressing directly to the driveline exit site
    • Cut the two small adhesive dressings down to the middle of the dressing (if you are using a specialist dressing such as silver you will need to cut this down the middle and create a small T shape)
    • Secure the allevyn around the driveline followed by the adhesive dressings. With each dressing the T shaped cut should be applied in opposite directions around the driveline to ensure the skin is adequately covered and sealed around the driveline
    • Apply holster dressing and secure driveline

Last reviewed: 24 May 2023