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The Contracts Department works to support the fast-paced demands of business accounting for the Trust, ensuring that all national and legal obligations are met.

The team carries out many roles from income forecasting and financial modelling through to co-ordinating and completing various nationally required projects.

Some of the department's main business accounting functions include:

  • payment by results
  • reference cost and programme budgeting submissions
  • Department of Health liaison
  • Foundation Trust Regulator feedback (Monitor)
  • income forecasting/financial modelling
  • board reports
  • business case review

The team also acts as an interface between the Trust and its external customers, facilitating closer working relationship to help improve patient care within our hospitals. For example, the team has been working closely with GPs and primary care trusts developing the new patient choice system.

The department's main contractual functions include healthcare contracts, provider-to-provider contracts, private patients/insurers and contracts with the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine.

Last reviewed: 13 February 2024