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The QEHB@Home service gives eligible patients the option to complete the remainder of their care in their own home.

Research shows that patients recover better at home and, usually, it is easier for friends and family to visit.

Patients will remain under the care of their hospital consultant but receive their day-to-day treatment from a team of healthcare professionals who will travel to the patients home.

The team includes:

  • qualified nurses
  • physiotherapists
  • health care support workers

Patients suitable for the QEHB@Home service will be clinically well enough to leave the hospital environment but still require further treatment which can be provided at the patients address.

A booklet explaining how the service works will be handed to patients who choose to transfer into the service and ward staff will be able to answer any questions they might have.

The QEHB@Home service is a partnership between University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) and Sciensus (formerly Healthcare at Home Limited). The service does not replace services from other providers, such as community services, but complements these existing options.

The Trust fully supports patient choice and aims to give patients more control over their treatment. QEHB@Home is a safe and reliable service which puts patients at the heart of their care.

Last reviewed: 25 July 2023